International Scholarship Program 2021 – by LSS

A $1000 Internet Marketing Scholarship

LSS is reviewing the latest products in various categories and helping consumers to find the best product which can cover all of their requirements. Example:

Shayari In Hindi

We are not only looking forward to getting the best for the customers and us but also realize the fact that as torchbearers in the field of Tech, we need to give our share in the betterment of the society too.

Past Scholarship Winners

student 1

Adam C.


student 2

Mike S.


student 3

Amanda L.



Likewise, we also recognize the power of the written words and how they govern the arena of digital marketing. We also understand the importance of creative writing skills in offline dimensions. Sadly, most of the creative geeks either don’t find the necessary guidance or not the required exposure to enter the vast world of content marketing which is a pity. However, we at LSS want to help creative minds exhibit their abilities in this area and to offer them a chance to nurture it in a goal-oriented fashion.

We have created the LSS Internet Marketing Scholarship for Undergraduate or Postgraduate students with the passion of “Content Marketing” to receive $1000 award from us if they show remarkable skills in the fields of assessment.

You don’t need expertise in the fields of content development or online businesses. If you are just an enthusiast, it works alright at our end. The students from non-technology fields are also encouraged to apply as it will open up vast areas for them to explore and later on conquer too!

How To Apply

Students who wish to apply for this lucrative scholarship must send an application via email to jaania193(at) We work on stringent terms so make sure that you have provided the following details in the email.

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone Number, Mailing Address or any other means of contact
  • Education Background consisting of detailed info on studies during High School, graduation and masters if applied.
  • A short auto-biography comprising of 500-800 words that gives the best and comprehensive info about you. Please take notice that this won’t count into your evaluation but it will be posted alongside your essay in case you win for them to know more about you.
  • Please include an essay on the topic “How you see the recent Tech startups changing global scenarios” of about 2000-3000 words. You are allowed to include personal stories. You can also add other peoples’ stories, but for that, you are supposed to attach an authority letter to certify that you are allowed to use the story for the content marketing scholarship.

Selection Criteria

The Editorial Board at LSS will go through each of the essays and will select one winner that will be awarded on July 13th, 2021 in a ceremony held at the regional office of LSS New York.

The LSS has the authority to post your essay and your biography anywhere on their platforms for promotion purposes in case you win the scholarship award.

Also, note that LSS will have to reject any application without specifying the reasons. The authority of the cancellation of entries also vests with the Editorial Board.

Additional Questions

If you have any other questions please use the contact us page.

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